Whole Food Choices For A Healthy Diet

Whole Food Choices For A Healthy Diet

When it comes to your health and the health of your family as relates to food, you are what you eat. With that in mind, try to eat a pure diet which contains as many whole foods as possible. Start reading the labels on the food you buy. It is rather shocking to see what food processors are putting into your food these days.

It is important for your family to eat a variety of quality whole foods. If you insist on eating the same foods day after day, it is possible to develop allergies to those foods. Unless you have digestive problems like colitis for instance, eat some raw foods daily. This will increase your enzyme intake. Chew your food well. The digestive process starts with your saliva, so drink a moderate amount of fluid so that these first digestive enzymes mix well with your food.

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain more nutrition than canned or frozen foods, and they contain no additives. Spinach is an example of an amazing food which, fresh or frozen, contains antioxidants, fiber, vitamins A, C, E, K and other nutrients that protect and heal the body. Stir fry it with some rice, peppers and onions and love it! Frozen foods are generally more nutritious and pure than canned foods, although both contain some additives. There are more vitamins and minerals to be found in fresh and frozen foods than in foods that are canned.

There is less contamination in whole foods than there are in foods that are processed. If possible, buy organic fruits and vegetables for yourself and your family. These foods are usually picked ripe and have not lost their nutritional value. They contain good digestive enzymes and are not grown using pesticides or chemicals. Try to find locally grown fruit and veggies as well – farmers markets are a great source of healthy whole food.

Natural and whole foods are a good source of fiber, but there are certain foods in this category that have an even higher fiber content, such as beans and oat bran, and these are effective for lowering cholesterol levels. They aid in digestion and reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease as well. Eating a whole fruit or vegetable instead of just the juice is actually better for you. They are also healthful as snacks and contain vitamins that promote healthy digestion.

Pure fruit juice drinks are preferable to soft drinks or drinks that are filled with sugar and additives. Make sure you wash your raw fruits and vegetables before you eat or puree them. Apples are an example of a wonderful, beneficial fruit which when eaten regularly can offer protection from Alzheimer’s disease, some cancers and can lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. If you are going to cook your fruits and vegetables, remember that the high temperatures used in cooking destroys some of the vitamins and minerals contained in the food.

If you are eating all the wrong foods you may feel sluggish and be lacking in energy. It is not too late to make a fresh start. Go to your organic grocer or your local farmers market today, find some healthy new fruits and vegetables to try, and treat yourself. Your body will thank you, and you will be walking down a new road towards a rejuvenated life and beneficial health.

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