How to Start a Home Bakery Business

How to Start a Home Bakery Business

Starting a home bakery. Most home based business are in built up areas of a community. There are usually children in the house. Often very young children.

This is often the cause of wanting to start a bakery at home. Plus, it is also a reason to be prevented from starting a bakery at home. Catch 22 syndromes.

Children also play in the gardens and roads of the area. This is a concern to local authority, because it is often considered an increase of vehicular traffic to a home business.

Neighbors complain of the increase in traffic and without your next door neighbor approving of your venture, it might just be a pipe dream. Another problem with home based business ventures, is the increase of garbage. Local authorities consider a business as extra income collecting your business garbage.

So you will pay for two garbage pick ups and your business garbage might have to be in a protected container, not the usual one bag bin as might be allowed in your community pick up.

Another reason for the neighbor to complain is these container bins attract flies, they smell terrible in hot weather and they also attract vermin in varying forms. The garbage contractor is not responsible for steam cleaning or pick up of the surrounding area either. That is your job.

It could get very messy if you leave the container unlocked. Garbage pickers will very likely rummage through for cans or bottles from which they might get a refund of deposit. If you live in a semi-detached house, an apartment, or a townhouse. There is a very real threat from a fire? Your built-in oven may have dried the woodwork around the oven to the point of combustion and only needs a certain amount of moisture and heat to actually catch fire.

Have you seen the heat generated by a compost heap? Or a pile of wet sawdust. Your neighbor would probably hear all your machinery working. And, if you started work on your products at say 3 a.m. in the morning. They will not be best pleased at being rudely woken at such an unearthly hour.

They won’t mind the aroma from your fresh product if you were allowed to make then, but they most certainly will create very loudly at your early start to the day.

There would be another problem with delivery of your ingredients. First of all there is the storage of the ingredients. These are usually delivered in larger quantities than you would normally purchase from the local super market. So your built in cupboards will not be sufficient to hold everything.

That in turn means you will require a storage area. Separate from the house. The floor in houses are not designed to support the weight of a bakery business and its ingredients, nor the machinery.

If you store flour, there are certain legal requirements. Flour is considered a combustible. Even an explosive. I have been around flour for over 50 years and never heard of flour being an explosive till recently, when my building inspector pointed out the problem to me. Yes! I have heard of flour mills catching fire, but never a bakery for that reason.

Your storage area will very likely need to be re-enforced on all sides and ceiling. In some areas that re-enforcing might be in the form of two layers of giproc, no less than five eighth inches thick and fire retardant. Your storage room might also require a fire door.

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