Bakery Management

Bakery Management

Bakery management is the means of handling bakeries. Management takes a lot of effort, but through common sense, knowledge and, of course, hard work, this may not seem to be as tough as it seems.

One of the greatest steps in bakery management is introducing cross-merchandising in the bakery. To do this, you could display fresh herb breads near fresh herbs, or you could cut up your loaves for the customer to catch the taste. Also, try cross-merchandising your bakery items with the deli and soup counters. Keeping coffee on display with the other bakery items will definitely help the loaves fly off the shelves.

The customer gets to know about the bakery through signs put up in your shops–so make sure that the customer is comfortable in the bakery by providing proper signage. Signage may be in different shapes and sizes, with small signs for cookies and muffins and bigger signs for sectioned areas of the operation. If you prefer handwriting your signs, make sure they are legible and attractive.

Another important aspect of bakery display is color. The best colors for a bakery are browns and beiges, but to liven up the operation, bright colors like red and yellow will complement any display. When concentrating on lighting, don’t over- or under-light key areas of the bakery, as lighting adds life to your products. Be certain to watch lighting systems so that you can ensure cleanliness and accuracy of the beams and so that you can identify and replace burned out bulbs immediately.

Cleanliness is an important factor in ensuring the return of customers. No customer wants to find a dusty food counter or a spotty sneeze guard, so make sure the staff wear hairnets, hats and disposable gloves while handling bakery items. Have a well-stocked shelf of favorite bakery items at all times. Try variety, as customers get bored of the same items over and over again. Always make it a point to give the best service to customers by providing staff with the required training. You could try handing out customer comment cards to get comments on your operation. Keeping sample stations in the bakery is also not a bad idea; sampling proves to be a great customer service tool. Once the customer tastes the food, their cravings are satisfied and thus, the sale is closed much faster.

The final aspect of bakery management is to keep promotions and contests in the bakery. Use national holidays for special promotion periods to have customers bursting through the door. Holding bake-offs where you could encourage your customers to show off their secret recipes is also a great idea.

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