5 Tips for a Great Restaurant Website

5 Tips for a Great Restaurant Website

Not only does your restaurant need a website, it needs a great website. Most people when looking for a restaurant go right to the internet. With the internet on cell phones and gps systems, it makes it easy to find a restaurant online. Here are 5 tips for a great restaurant website that will keep you in competition with the big chain restaurants.

Think locally
Local search engine optimization and marketing can play a major role in gaining new customers. Search engines show local results on top of the search results. Do a search with a location in it, such as “restaurants, Hunterdon, NJ”. Notice at the top of the results are the local businesses. Optimizing your content and making sure your restaurant is on the maps should be a top priority for your restaurant website.

Don’t just put directions on your website either. The availability of map website software allows you to put a map right on your website and pinpoint your restaurant. You can also have a simple form where a visitor can enter their address and can get directions right to your restaurant. You can’t make it any easier to get directions and find you without any trouble.

Offer services on your website
The ability to order online and make reservations on your website makes it as easy as possible for browsers to turn into customers. Offer special discounts for ordering online or making reservations. Special offers will entice browsers into becoming customers.

Special “internet only” information
Add content about management, restaurant history, your chefs, etc.. The more content you offer the more trusting a visitor will become of your restaurant. Internet only specials are a great way to get people interested in coming to your restaurant.

Come up with a theme
You know how you want people to feel when they are eating your food and in your restaurant. Conveying this on your website helps customers understand what you are all about. Customers will appreciate it. If a family with children is looking for a restaurant and your bar/restaurant shows up at the top of the list, you won’t have a happy customer.

Build a community
Interacting with customers is key to marketing your restaurant. Social networking allows customers to connect with your restaurant and have a more personalized experience. Interacting with your customers will keep them interested in your restaurant. So the next time they’re thinking about going out to eat, your restaurant is on their mind.

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